principal sir  The new vision affirms to better call a teacher, as a- ‘a facilitator’, and the idea beneath it, is that, a teacher  should not become a dictator or merely an info-supplier; but she/he is rather expected to address the natural curiosity in  the children; not only this, rather invoke the same if one is lacking in it and facilitate  their learning on their own.

              I am immensely touched with this vision at the core of my heart and that’s the reason we at Meritorious Public School, nurture our students to explore their latent potential to their own maximum, so that they feel familiar while following the path and direction  explored by their own.

             Along with an explorative learning, assessments also have a pivotal role in a school. However, I believe that, the assessments are actually a process to just ensure a child’s learning for moving further, and not to judge/compare students for their mental  faculties.

             Education as a whole implies to a child’s holistic evolution and for that, it is very much essential that the children in school feel free yet disciplined, being allowed to go with his/her own pace yet be constantly motivated, open minded yet cultured, bold yet respectful and most significantly, cheerful yet empathetic to everyone around! To meet this spectrum of values and traits, we design our scholastic and co-scholastic activities in such a way that it becomes a perfect blend of fun based real learning going together with a formal classroom education.

             Last but not the least, no organization in general and no school in particular can run successfully by the leader alone, it requires a strong team of like-minded people who are willing to go hand-in-hand to achieve a common goal of excellence. I indeed feel glad and express my pride towards my efficient team of teachers who are not only well qualified but spirited too to make a great success to every innovative idea that we have for the ultimate beneficiaries of our school- “Our Students”!

             To see the glowing, dazzling, cheerful faces of our School’s pupils is the utmost reward to me and nothing can replace it at the end of the day!

Jai Hind!