The “Rainbow Kidz” is the pre-primary wing of Meritorious Public School, which stands tall as being among the most colorful, beautiful and lively sections of the school.

        Starting from the Play House to Class Senior KG, the young kids in their formative years explore their world around, get introduced to the realm of schooling and brace up for the multisensory learning with real fun and joy.

        Rainbow Kidz functions on a system that is basically a blend of Kindergarten and Montessori system of pre-school education. The curriculum comprises of a fine balance between the scholastic and co-scholastic activities which throws its core focus to make learning a fun based experience to every tiny-tot.

        An efficient team of trained teachers take utmost care of every single kid with great love and affection so that the newly blooming kids feel comfortable and homely while being in the school.

        The pattern of teaching- learning in this section is deeply based on the principles of Child Psychology and a due care is taken by every teacher understand the learning  preferences   of every single child so that each one can be facilitated accordingly.

        An all-round development of every child in all six developmental areas like- Physical Development, Emotional Development, Mental Development, Cognitive Development,Moral Development and Social Development is what at the heart of all teaching and learning process.

        Wide playground with the modern play equipment, and an open sky activity zone beautifully foster the physical development in particular and all other areas of development in association. The Yoga, aerobics and meditation are a part of their assemblies.

        The School environment offers the kids an opportunity to learn to work with others children and Didi’s (support staff) apart from their teachers, thereby they learn to socialize- an essential “real world” life skill.

        Through the arts & crafts, activities of fun with colours and different games and projects, an emphasis is given on their optimum development of fine and gross motor skills.

        Classroom teaching is carried out with the help of various teaching aids along with the digital smart class inputs.

        Picture reading poems, dancing, singing, different festival celebrations, birthday celebrations, the colour days celebration, themes of shape, Fruits and Vegetables weeks are a few activities those are conducted on a regular basis.

        To interact with our Society and to give them a practical experience of community places, special field trips are also organized time to time. This consists the visits to places like- the Government Hospital, Post Office, Police-station, Bank, Vegetable Market, Potter and Fire-Station. A yearly excursion (picnic) is what one of the favorites to our little champs!

       To inculcate respect for different religions they are taken to the places of worship of different religions like- Temple Mosque, Gurudawara and Church, whereas to nurture the moral values and love and respect for the parents, the School celebrated a noble initiative like- “Parents Worship Day” on 14th Feb. How can we forget to mention about the mega multicultural even of this year- “Sanskriti”! The annual function where little kids danced to their best of cuteness and innocence.

      The Rainbow Kidz believes in paying attention not only on Students activity but also gives opportunities to the parents of our school kids to rejuvenate their childhood by participating in the events like “Sports for Parents”.

      To develop the stage confidence and curb the fear of public speaking, various on stage presentation competitions like Commercial TV. Advertisements, Rhyme Recitation Competition, Shloka Recitation, Phonic Sounds singing and so on.

     ‘Every child is special and a bundle of immense potential, we just have to facilitate him/her to unveil those potential’- this is our belief and an utmost care, efforts and actions are taken to make this vision become a reality and to bring a positive change in the young lives with tons of laughter, love, cheers, chirps and joy!