Admission Policy

Admission Policy

Meritorious Public School is a secular, non-denominational and liberal Institution. It seeks to admit students who are keen to imbibe the values and skills embedded in our mission statement. There will be no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, color, region, sex or economic status. So long as the child and his family seek good education as enshrined in our policy, the child is entitled to admission in Meritorious Public School. We are a co-educational school and thus seats in every section will be reserved for at least 40% boys or girls i.e. in a class of 30 students there will be AT LEAST 12 boys and 12 girls.

While we would like to admit all those who apply for admission, paucity of vacancies compels us to do selections. The process of this selection is given below. Naturally, every applicant must satisfy all the conditions with regard to other formalities, which have already been defined.


Admissions to Meritorious Public School will be from Classes Play House,Nursery, LKG,UKG to Class X . Each section in all the classes is limited to 30 students.

Every child must either purchase a REGISTRATION FORM along with the prospectus or download a REGISTRATION FORM from our website. In case the form is downloaded, then a DD for the prescribed amount must accompany the form when it is being submitted. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will registration be done without receipt of the due amount.

On receipt of the registration form and on completion of all the due formalities, the child will be registered for admission to Meritorious Public School. The date of registration may play a role in the event of a tie between two applicants.

For admissions to the pre primary section the procedure is as follows:

The child along with the parents will be invited to a brief meeting with the Director / Head of Preprimary where the two sides will interact. This interaction will determine whether the parents are involved with the upbringing of the child, and whether they will be able to participate with the school in the holistic education of the child.

The child will also be observed to gauge whether he has developed adequate social and other skills to be able to handle himself independently in a school.

At the conclusion of this meeting, the school authorities will make an assessment and determine whether or not a seat should be offered to the child.

A list will be prepared in order of registration date and merit. Thereafter an offer of admission will be made through a formal letter. In case an offer of admission is declined, then that vacant seat will be offered to the next child on the merit list. This criterion will be strictly followed.

The formalities to be followed next have already been prescribed.


Only 30 children are permitted per section.

In the day school, there will be 3 sections per class.

There will be at least 12 boys / girls in each section.


Registrations would remain open throughout the year. For the admission under question, the registration process would cease 24 hours prior to the test. For Preprimary, registration will cease 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Admissions for the session would close on June 30 every year.

Admissions for Pre Primary would be in the First week of March every year.

The admission process should be completed by June 30 of each year so that uniforms and textbooks etc. can be arranged on time.

Admission Procedure:

The completed registration form with all the relevant document has to be submitted at the school office at Tirora. A receipt will be issued upon submission of the registration form.

If sending by Post or Courier the application needs to be addressed to:

The Principal

Meritorious Public School

267,Lodhitola Road,Tirora


On confirmation of admission from School fees are to be deposited within 03 working days, failing which the seat will be offered to the next candidate on the waiting list.

Age Requirement

Children born between the dates shown against their respective classes would be eligible for admission.

Nursery 2.5 Yrs to 3.5 Yrs
Kg I 3.5 Yrs to 4.5 Yrs
Kg II 4.5 Yrs to 5.5 Yrs
Class I 5.5 Yrs to 6.5 Yrs
Class II 6.5 Yrs to 7.5 Yrs
Class III 7.5 Yrs to 8.5 Yrs
Class IV 8.5 Yrs to 9.5 Yrs
Class V 9.5 Yrs to 10.5 Yrs
Class VI 10.5 Yrs to 11.5 Yrs
Class VII 11.5 Yrs to 12.5 Yrs
Class VIII 12.5 Yrs to 13.5 Yrs
Class IX 13.5 Yrs to 14.5 Yrs
Class X 14.5 Yrs to 15.5 Yrs

Academic Session Period From - 01-April to 31-March

Vacation Period From – 01-May to 16-June

Admission Period From – 01-March to 30-June